Access 3D Services is ready to assist you with your Engineering and Design needs. Our Engineering team has the experience to get the job done, whether you have a concept for a new medical device, a custom design for a car, need an item reverse engineered, or anything in between.


If you have a concept in your head or a rough drawing down on paper, we can help you take that to the next step and give you the ability to physically hold it. Our design team is ready to help you succeed and your initial consultation is free!

3D Modeling

A 3D model of your design is the start of bringing your vision to reality. Once created, the 3D model will be used to create drawings, produce prototypes, analyze engineering, and determine tooling for different forms of production.

Design Enhancement

We can take your current design and put it through multiple processes to see if it can be better engineered. By utilizing SolidWorks Simulation software, we can ensure your design is optimized before going to prototyping. This cuts design time and excessive prototype costs by ensuring stronger quality from the start.

Reverse Engineering

If you have either a mechanical or organic item, we can transform it into a parasolid. This allows either you or our engineers to make the changes you require.

About Us
Welcome to Access 3D Services, the home of cutting edge and state of the art 3D scanners and printers created to serve your needs. We offer our services to any industry, whether you’re an artist who wants to create a 3D art piece, a doctor who wants to make 3D models of organs for your medical students, or an automotive manufacturer who wants to preserve an important part of your products, Access 3D Services will deliver.
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