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A3D offers revolutionary technology that’s changing the way businesses operate. We are your one-stop-shop for 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Engineering & Design, CNC Services and much more. We deliver the highest quality in the industry, on time and at low rates.

Based in Stratford, Connecticut, we service not just our immediate area, but to the rest of the country, and across the globe. We take pride in our innovative approach to serve each of our customers, valuing their needs and meeting their satisfaction in each project. Our state of the art 3D scanners can scan just about anything, no matter what size and no matter what material. Whether you want to scan objects smaller than a bug or bigger than a car, Access 3D Services will deliver results.

Our services can be applied in architecture, engineering, medical, fashion, art, toys, automotive, and the unique needs of hobbyists and collectors. There are some things in life that need to be preserved, recreated, and produced. Without having to go to a large manufacturing company, you can have the ability to create your one product. With Access 3D Services, we streamline your production process by allowing you to create only one piece first (the prototype), to see if your idea is turned into the perfect physical product. This way you can gauge whether or not you need to change the design, so you can create better products with low initial production costs.

At Access 3D Services, we can take your ideas and let you hold them in your hands.



We offer a full range of professional 3D service at affordable prices.
About Us
Welcome to Access 3D Services, the home of cutting edge and state of the art 3D scanners and printers created to serve your needs. We offer our services to any industry, whether you’re an artist who wants to create a 3D art piece, a doctor who wants to make 3D models of organs for your medical students, or an automotive manufacturer who wants to preserve an important part of your products, Access 3D Services will deliver.
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