Access 3D Services offers 3D Scanning to address the needs of anyone; from the hobbyist to large industrial companies. Our scanners can capture intricate detail of items larger than a vehicle and smaller than a bug. We can reach a 3D point accuracy of 0.05mm on objects as small as 5mm with stunning mesh and texture resolution.


Mobile Service

We offer the convenience of being able to bring our 3D Scanning technology to you. If you have a job that is to large or delicate to bring or ship to us, we can come onsite to your location.

3D Digital Archiving

3D Scanning gives the ability to capture and catalogue objects in a variety of settings and for a full range of purposes. Everything from an industrial setting to preserve prototypes, molds and completed works to museum pieces for cataloging and further study.

Parts Reproduction

3D Scanning to reproduce parts can: Scale the size of an objects up or down Recreate parts that are no longer available Reproduce millwork and wood ornamentation Reproduce broken parts

Model Comparison

3D Scanning can be used to check measurements of a 3D model. The scan can be imported into the modeling software and super imposed over the model to check for accuracy.


3D Scanning opens a whole new world for advertising. With this technology, instead of a static product image, your customer will be able to rotate it 360 degrees with a clarity superior to a photograph. We believe this will be standard marketing in the near future.

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About Us
Welcome to Access 3D Services, the home of cutting edge and state of the art 3D scanners and printers created to serve your needs. We offer our services to any industry, whether you’re an artist who wants to create a 3D art piece, a doctor who wants to make 3D models of organs for your medical students, or an automotive manufacturer who wants to preserve an important part of your products, Access 3D Services will deliver.
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