About Us

Access 3D Services is committed to our customers during every stage of the 3D process. You will always find us responsive to you needs, available to answer your questions and concerns, and always providing you with a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

We can understand you better than other companies because our designers, 3D Printer and Scanner Tech’s as well as our CNC professionals this is not just a job, but a passion. We will help you turn your thoughts and visions into objects that you can hold in your hands.

Access 3D Services is a sub entity of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Access Independence, a Center for Independent Living that helps individuals with all types of disabilities become as independent and integrated into their communities as possible. All revenue generated by Access 3D Services goes directly to support the free services provided by Access Independence to people with disabilities and to help ensure a stable financial future for the organization.

Sample Of Our Work

Non Profit 3D Printing for a Great Cause.

Material: Polycarbonate
Color: Natural
Machine: Flashforge Dreamer with Micro Swiss All-Metal Hotends
Layer Height: 0.1mm
Description: Customer requested small parts printed in a strong material as previous resin-printed parts from another company lacked durability. Parts were printed in Polycarbonate for its superior strength and durability and printed using a 0.2mm nozzle to maintain dimensional accuracy.

Material: PETG
Color: Translucent Green
Machine: Airwolf3D Axiom
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Description: These storage containers were designed with an o-ring retainer to create a water-tight seal and were printed in PETG for its resistance to water.

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Machine: Airwolf3D Axiom
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Description: Customer requested an entire set of prints to be used in the assembly of a 3D printer. ABS was chosen for its durability and flexibility.

Material: ABS
Color: Natural
Machine: Airwolf3D Axiom
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Description: This scale model of a Sabertooth Cat Skull was printed in natural ABS then extensively post-processed using a sandblaster and plastic bead to give the surface a flat, weather-beaten appearance.

Item: Mancala Game
Material: Wood / Cherry
Description: This is the game Mancala. It includes a top that was customized for a wedding gift.
Brown Burns-1

Item: Piggy Bank
Material: Wood / Maple
Description: This Piggy Bank which included a stand not seen in the picture really takes things up a bit from the old fashion Piggy Bank you knew as a kid.

Item: Company Sign
Material: Wood / Sign Board
Description: This is a double-sided hand painted sign that measures 30” by 30” and was created on the C